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White papers

 Speech Intelligibility Measurements in Practice; obtaining accurate and reliable data using STIPA tools (1.72 MB)



 Past, Present and Future of the Speech Transmission Index (4.07 MB)

 The Intelligibility of Non-native Speech (1.88 MB)


Papers related to the STI

 Self-optimizing PA systems(Reproduced Sound Manchester), 2013 (850.38 kB)

 Evolution of the STI (AES convention), 2011 (799.02 kB)

 Four decades of STI development (Reproduced Sound Brighton), 2011 (3.24 MB)

 Development of a binaural STI model, 2008 (189.54 kB)

 Recent advances in STI measuring techniques, Institute of Acoustics workshop, 2006 (178.46 kB)

 Speech based STI measurements, 2005 (206.89 kB)

 Using the STI for predicting non-native speech intelligibility, 2004 (143.89 kB)

 Effect of talker and speaking style on the STI,2004 (77.08 kB)

 Intelligibility in traffic tunnels, 2001 (180.02 kB)

 STI at high ambient sound levels, Eurospeech 1999 (45.06 kB)


Papers related to speech intelligibility

 Prediction of speech intelligibility of PA systems in tunnels, 2006 (214.69 kB)

 Quantifying intelligibility to non-native listeners, 2002 (153.68 kB)

 Quantifying intelligibility of non-native talkers, 2002 (174.6 kB)

 Phoneme and sentence intelligibility of non-native Dutch speech, 2001 (216.29 kB)

 Non-native speech intelligibility, MIST workshop, 1999 (85.46 kB)


Development of test methods

 Language dependency testing of vocoders, 2002 (121.79 kB)

 A newly developed communicability test, 2002 (35.1 kB)

 Methodology for cross-language speech communication, 2001 (183.12 kB)

 Methodology for language dependency testing, 2001 (63.53 kB)

 Methods for testing communicability, 2001 (59.12 kB)


Papers related to noise exposure and hearing protection

 (Dutch) Actieve geluidonderdrukking in gehoorbeschermers, 2002 (2.55 MB)

 Balancing intelligibility and noise exposure, Aviation, Space & envir. Med., 2001 (266.59 kB)

 Development of a wireless Communications Earplug, 2000 (563.13 kB)

 Sound exposure and intelligibility in helicopters, 1999 (332.99 kB)


Papers related to warning signals and sound beacons

 Auditory evacuation beacons, 2005 (315.83 kB)

 Auditory marking of escape ways in smoke, 2005 (539.8 kB)

 Auditory evacuation beacons, 2005 (315.83 kB)

 Auditory warning signals in ship control centres, 2005 (205.64 kB)


Other papers on acoustics

 Suppression of chants at sports events, 2007 (289.31 kB)


Test signals, firmware updates, manual

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