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Embedded Acoustics is committed to sparking innovation in the fields of acoustics, speech and hearing. Our mission is to translate scientific knowledge and high-tech engineering into groundbreaking products and services. We’re not just talk - get in touch and find out what we are all about: expertise, experience and simply getting things done. 

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Our phone number is: +31 88 8770700. Email addresses for individual staff members are listed below (the address "embeddedacoustics.com" after the @-sign is omitted to prevent email harvesting by spambots).

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Staff members

To get in touch with any member of our staff, please find their contact details below.

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Sander van Wijngaarden

Managing Director

Acoustical consultant

Sander van Wijngaarden obtained his Masters degree in applied physics from the Delft University of Technology in 1996. His specialization was Perceptual Acoustics. Sander then joined the Speech & Hearing group at TNO, where he worked on a broad range of R&D projects, mostly on hearing protection and speech intelligibility. He obtained his PhD from the Free University of Amsterdam in 2002. His PhD thesis ("The intelligibility of non-native speech") is based on work done at TNO.

After gaining experience as a project manager for several years, Sander was appointed team leader of the Speech & Hearing group in 2002. He took on a new challenge in 2006, when he joined a different division of TNO as a Business Developer. In 2007 Sander was appointed Department Manager in the Chemical and Biological protection department. Sander finally decided to leave TNO to co-found Embedded Acoustics in 2010, returning to his technological roots.

Phone: +31 88 8770701
Email: sander@

Jan Verhave

Director of R&D

Acoustical consultant

After obtaining his degree in electronics engineering in 1989, Jan joined the Phonetics department of the University of Amsterdam to work on a European "Esprit" project on speech technology. In 1993, he accepted a research associate position at TNO in Soesterberg. At TNO Jan specialized in real-time low-latency hard- and software for acoustic signal processing. Applications that Jan worked on include 3D audio, the Speech Transmission Index and Active Noise Reduction.

Jan was lead engineer and software developer in many development projects, including the first IEC-compliant STI measuring software application and several generations of Active Noise Reduction headsets (analog and digital). Jan was also the primary developer of STIPA and was involved in several commercial implementations of STIPA. He has been the driving fore behind most STI-related innovations over the last decade.

Phone: +31 88 8770702
Email: jan@ 

Matias Slagt

Commercial director

Business developer

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam in 1994 Matias has held various commercial and managing positions within private, governmental and non governmental organizations, mostly defense related. Matias’ focus has always been to seek out new market opportunities and turn these into success for the organizations he was employed for or which he represented.

Joining Embedded Acoustics was a logical next step within the relationship between Embedded Acoustics and him. In the past Matias has already been involved in the design and development of some of Embedded Acoustics products for the defense and security market. He is currently responsible for marketing and sales at Embedded Acoustics.

Phone: +31 88 8770717
Email: matias@ 

Madelon Pijnenburg

Office manager

Madelon is Office Manager at Embedded Acoustics. She makes sure that the day-to-day activities around our office run smoothly and efficiently. Madelon processes our incoming and outgoing invoices, makes sure that our shipments arrive with our customers on time, and that our technical reports and papers are presentable. If you need to get in touch with somebody at Embedded Acoustics who is not responding, Madelon is the person who can track him or her down.

Feel free to contact Madelon with any of your questions - if she does not have an answer straightaway, she will direct you to the right person. Madelon is in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Phone: +31 88 8770717
Email: madelon@

Tessa Michon

Financial administrator

Tessa is our financial administrator at Embedded Acoustics. She keeps our books in order, makes sure that our invoices are paid in time and is our primary administrative contact for our Accounts Payable.

Tessa is in the office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Phone: +31 88 8770718
Email: tessa@

Karolijn van Oeveren

Production manager

Karolijn started at Embedded Acoustics as a part-time assembly worker. Having experienced the company and the people in it, she decided to stay for her internship, researching ways to improve the Bedrock product line.

After graduating as an electrical engineer Karolijn joined our team as a hardware engineer, with a focus on complex production work. She currently manages the production activities at Embedded Acoustics (including Bedrock products and prototype and series production for customers), managing our team of assembly workers.

Phone: +31 88 8770720
Email: Karolijn@ 

Pim Wubben

Project manager SentraTag

Pim obtained his Masters degree in systems and control engineering from the Delft University of Technology. Technology has always been one of his major interests, which led him to joining a solar car team during his studies as the mechanical engineer of the team. After one year of fulltime commitment on the solar car, his team ended up winning the world championships in solar racing. In the past few years, various positions at startups taught him the process of connecting the technological and commercial dots. He really enjoys bridging these two often somewhat separate territories, with the aim of creating cool innovation with true added value. 

Email: Pim@ 

Miguel Asselbergs

Lead hardware engineer

Miguel has always been interested in technology, especially electronic devices. Since young he has been tinkering with electronics, therefore he chose to study electrical engineering. After obtaining his degree in electronics engineering from The Hague University, specializing in Embedded  Systems, Miguel joined Embedded Acoustics in 2016. Miguel combines high-level system engineering with electronics design and embedded software development.

Email: Miguel@ 

Diede Dijkstra

Lead software engineer

As a little boy, Diede already picked up the habit of disassembling every old device he could find, out of interest in how these devices were built. So the choice to start studying Electronics was a very natural one. In 2017 Diede obtained his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. During his time as a student, Diede discovered he enjoyed coding more than anything else. Already having spent lots of hobby time creating programs, Diede decided to bring coding to a new level by making it his profession. He has since worked on a wide variety of projects. His track record includes various embedded platforms as well as mobile and desktop applications.

Email: Diede@ 

Luc van Leeuwen

Software engineer

Luc obtained his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2015. He did his thesis work at Embedded Acoustics, on a design for advanced fire fighter headset. After graduation, Luc developed his expertise and know-how in various fields, working as an embedded software engineer and a software consultant on a variety of applications. He joined Embedded Acoustics as a member of our (embedded) software team in 2020. Besides developing embedded software for a variety of products and hardware platforms, Luc has also been taken responsibility to initiate a process of ongoing improvement of our development process.

Email: Luc@ 

Stefan Oud

Embedded systems specialist

In 2015 Stefan Oud had finished his master degree in experimential physics at the University of Leiden. In his spare time he was interested in programming and he learned his skills autodidactically. He has also taught himself some basic knowledge of electronics. These practical skills combined with physics and system thinking, come to use in his work for Embedded acoustics. Stefan is the primary software developer for the Bedrock product line and contributes to various key projects at Embedded acoustics.

Email: stefan@

Ruben IJlst

Hardware engineer

Ever since Ruben was a young child, Ruben has been experimenting with electronics with the help of his grandfather. As just graduated mechatronics mechanic, he wanted to explore the electronics field even further, so in 2013 started studying electrical engineering at The Hague University in Delft, which he finished in 2017. During his study he worked on different group projects as software and hardware engineer and he worked as tutor at different electrical engineering courses at The Hague University. Ruben's work primarily revolves around the development of deeply integrated high end electronics, including miniaturized systems with embedded radio technology (such as LoRa and BT).

Email: Ruben@ 

Olav Zeeuw

Software engineer

As a member of our software team, Olav develops primarily embedded software and Android apps. His work includes development of dedicated Android drivers for new hardware components, low-level coding of various MCUs and Android UX design.

Email: Olav@

Stefan Roeling

Hardware engineer

Stefan is a member of our hardware team. Stefan's work at Embedded Acoustics includes the development of densely integrated high-end electronics in Altium designer, as well as FPGA development and driver coding. Stefan is also responsible for the design of some of our enclosures, either individually or (in case of more challenging or aesthetically demanding applications) together with the industrial engineers and product designers we sometimes bring in as consultants.

Email: Stefan.roeling@

Michel Elshout

Production engineer

As our production engineer, Michel is responsible for the production of prototype runs as well as a number of mass-produced products. Besides the day-to-day assembly of products Michel also takes responsibility for the optimization of our production processes by continuously looking for ways to make the production work flow better, faster and more consistent. To this end, Michel makes use of the extensive know-how built up throughout his career, during which he gained experiece in in building high tech systems ranging from X-ray equipment to advanced optical instruments.

Phone: +31 88 8770720
Email: Michel@ 

Jan Stroes

Assembly engineer


David Michels

Assembly engineer


Justin van Soest

Assembly engineer


Rob Drullman

Consultant speech & Hearing

Rob Drullman is an independent consultant with whom Embedded Acoustics collaborates strategically for consulting projects involving noise exposure, speech intelligibility and impulsive noise studies. Rob has a Master's degree in phonetic studies and a PhD in experimental audiology. He worked with as a research scientist and consultant with various organisations before starting out as an independent consultant in 2015. He is (and has been) a member of a variety of trade organisations and standards committees and is the author of dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles.

To contact Rob at Embedded Acoustics, please call our office at +31 88 8770700


Zebedeus "Zapp" B. Collie

Chief workplace stress reduction officer

 Zebedeus “Zapp” B. Collie was pulled out of the clay in rural area of Geffen. He went to socialisation and basic training at the Wim van Overeem dog school from which he graduated with a score just above average. Within EA, in his role as gatekeeper, he watches over who enters the front door. He works part time as backup scrum master. In his main function he spends hours on rubber ducking and keeping the herd together. Zapps’ mottos are: “Always play a good ball and never skip a vaccine”.

To contact Zapp at Embedded Acoustics, knock on the front door twice or gently bark towards the 2nd floor windows.

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