Embedded System design services

We offer a range of embedded system design services, from basic component selection up to turn-key system development. We work with our own permanent staff of hardware and software engineers, whose involvement does not end when their design project is finished - whenever you need us, throughout the lifecycle of your product, our team will be there for you. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and professionalism, and not least of all: our specific expertise in the fields of acoustics and audio as well as (increasingly) other sensor technology. Our designers collaborate closely with our R&D staff and consultants.

PCB design

Our hardware engineers are at your disposal to develop the electronics for your new product. We use the latest software tools, such as Altium Designer, and work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, technologies and components. Prototypes are either produced in house, with our own small-scale assembly line, or by one of our trusted partners in Europe or Asia, depending on your needs. Whether you need an elaborate mainboard for a complex product or a straightforward module, we can deliver at a competitive price and short lead time. Our average lead time for prototypes (from concept to assembled hardware) is 8-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design.

App and driver development

Virtually every embedded devices communicates with the outside world. In many cases, mobile apps and drivers are required to let the hardware interact seamlessly with other equipment. Our software engineering capabilities including design of desktop and server solutions (Windows, Linux) as well as mobile platforms. If software applications are the core of your product, we can support your in-house development (or application development at a third party) by implementing drivers and bringing the required level of embedded systems knowledge.

Firmware development

Our philosophy is that for every product only one specific hardware platform is the absolute best match. Whether that is a low-power MCU, a powerful CPU, a DSP or an FPGA - your requirements are the driving factor to decide on the platform. We make this philosophy work by maintaining a very wide diversity in resources available when it comes to our embedded software engineering capabilities. Instead of working with the platforms our software engineers happen to be familiar with, we are extremely flexible in adopting new components and developing environments. While we maintain partnerships with a variety of processor developers, we carefully guard our independence.

Some of the platforms we work with on a regular basis:

  • Low-power MCUs, ARM-based or otherwise (NXP, MicroChip, STMicro, Atmel)
  • DSPs and codecs (TI, Cirrus, AD)
  • FPGAs (Altera, Lattice)
  • Mobile processors (NXP, Qualcom)
  • SDRs and dedicated programmable wireless chips (Semtech, Nordic, Atmel)

Our engineers are specifically skilled in low-power design and coding advanced signal processing algorithms. The impact of embedded software engineering on power consumption is an often underestimated, but extremely critical, aspect in the overall design of wearables.




Testing and certification

Before you bring your product to market, you will need to show compliance to applicable standards and regulations. We can support you by in-house testing (throughout the development cycle) followed up by certification through an external laboratory. We have experience with a variety of different certification, testing and product marking regimes, ranging from common CE requirements (LVD, EMC) to specific standards that apply to certain applications and markets (maritime, military, aviation). Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your specific requirements.

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