Our track record

Below you will find and overview of some of the achievements of engineers, scientists and developers currently at Embedded Acoustics. A lot of the work mentioned here was done in commission; customer names have been intentionally omitted. If you would like to know more, please give us a call or leave a message through this website message.

Speech Transmission Index development

  • Development and validation of virtually al new features in successive versions of IEC 60268-16 (the STI standard)
  • Extension of the STI method to include level-dependent masking
  • Development of the STIPA method and test signals
  • Development of methods to measure STI with real speech instead of artificial test signals
  • Development of a binaural STI model
  • Development of STI measuring hard- and software
  • Certification of STI measuring solutions

Consulting projects on speech intelligibility

  • Certification of onboard PA systems in aircraft
  • Evaluation and optimization of PA systems in buildings, tunnels, stations and onboard of ships
  • Improving intelligibility in call centers and control rooms
  • Evaluation of intelligibility of (cell) phones and radio equipment (phones, networks,...)

Communication system design

  • Developing an adaptive, self-optimizing signal processing module for PA systems

Hearing protection

  • Evaluation hearing protector performance using standardized methods
  • Developing analog and digital Active Noise Reduction headsets
  • Developing wireless self-powered Communications Ear Plugs


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