Speech Transmission Index (STI) measurements

Speech intelligibility is often of vital importance to public safety. Numerous national and international standards now require STI measurements to be carried out to deliver proof that speech intelligibility is at an acceptable level. For instance, Voice Evacuation Systems are required in many countries  to be evaluated in terms of speech intelligiblity. The Speech Tranmission Index is often the preferred (or only) method that is accepted as capable of delivering "proof of performance".

Embedded Acoustics knows the STI like no other. Not only were we the developers of many versions of IEC-compliant hardware and software measuring solutions; our team also played a major role in developing the core technology behind the Speech Transmission Index and contributed significantly to the various standards that define the STI. Nobody knows the STI like we do!

STI measurements provide more than just a single number...

The index itself (the number between zero and one) is of course important, but a wealth of diagnostic information also becomes available through STI measurements. Our experienced consultants will not only be able to tell you whether your systems complies with standards, but also how to make it perform even beter. Also, they will be able to pinpoint separate sources of signal degradation. We offer more than just a measuring services: we offer a thorough analysis.

Embedded Acoustics most frequently carries out STI-related evaluation assignments in our own geographic region: the Netherlands, Belgium and northern Germany. However, our services have been proven competitive on a world-wide scale. Contact us to discuss your measuring needs or to request a quotation.


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