SoundDose II sound monitoring tool

Military personnel, and in particular aircrew, are exposed to potentially harmful levels of noise. This is not just due to the ambient noise inside aircraft interiors, but also to radio and intercom sounds presented through (in-ear) headsets. Monitoring the overall noise exposure can be a complex task. Only inside the ear canal the exposure level can be physically measured, which is not feasible in practice. The SoundDose II system circumvents this issue, by calculating the overall exposure levels based on measurements of the ambient noise as well as the electric intercom signal level.

Noise monitoring

To protect the hearing of workers against noise-induced hearing loss, legal restrictions are in place to limit exposure to harmful noises in terms of sound levels and/or exposure times. In the European Union, European Council directive 2003/10/EC defines maximum exposure limits. Military personnel are usually not exempt from these restrictions. Unfortunately, accurately assessing the sound dose incurred by military personnel can be a challenge, partly because of the fact that advanced hearing protectors are commonly used. Sound exposure measurements need to be corrected for the influence of these hearing protectors. Perhaps even more importantly, the influence of sound from radio and intercoms also has a very significant impact on the overall noise dose. This contribution is completely ignored by the conventional approach towards noise dosimetry. Of particular concern is the use of in-ear devices known as Communications EarPlugs.

The SoundDose II system

The SoundDose II system was developed specifically for use with aircrew and other military headset (and Communications EarPlugs) users. It takes the ambient noise as well as the contribution of comms speech into account. The SoundDose II system consists of a hardware device, which was designed and tested not to produce electromagnetic emissions that could interfere with avionics, combined with software for posthoc analysis. The SoundDose II hardware is in fact a calibrated, robust audio recorder; the analysis software is used to compute the sound dose from the recorded signals.


• Two-channel recording (ambient sound and CEP)

• Recording on micro SDHC card (2 GB - 32 GB)

• Seamless recording; breakdown of recordings in multiple files

• Complies with ENIEC-61672 in terms of linearity, bandwidth and dynamic range.

• Frequency range 20 Hz - 20 kHz

• Dynamic range pre-amp 50- 130 dB

• Temperature range 0 - 65 Deg

• 16-bit recording @ 44.1 kHz

• User control by two ruggedized buttons

• Real-time clock with Lithium backup battery (clock adjustable over USB)

• Operates at least 10 hours on a single 9V battery

• Complies with EN-55022 in terms of radiated and conducties emissions of electromagnetic fields


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