Courses and seminars

Embedded Acoustics regularly organises STI-related courses and seminars, at varying locations worldwide.  A number of  "open" seminars are held each year, for which anyone can register as a single attendant. These are announced on this website. We also organize dedicated in-company seminars and training sessions, at any location of the customer's choice. Please contact us for more information about the possibilities.

Information about our open courses can be accessed through the menu found to the left of this panel.

NOTE: no dates for open training seminars have been set at this point. Contact us if you are interested about the possibility of having a STIPA seminar at your own company.


The Advanced Speech Transmission Index seminar (Delft, Netherlands)

This two-day course is intended for acoustic consultants, scientists and  engineers who already have a background in acoustics, and are interested in really getting the most out of the Speech Transmission Index. The Advanced STI seminar is seen as is the most thorough and complete STI training available worldwide, and usually attracts a very international crowd.


STIPA bootcamp (US)

Getting started with STIPA testing, or interested in a hands-on refresher course? Our STIPA bootcamp takes you through all aspects of STIPA testing in a single day.

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