Optimization of communication systems

Any electro-acoustic system used for communication, whether it is a military radio or a public address system, can only perform if it is tuned for its acoustic environment. This sounds logical - yet a properly optimised system is rarely found. We provided solutions for fully automated optimization, and services for troubleshooting and finetuning complex systems.


The Speech Transmission Index model does not only yield an estimate of overall intelligibility (in a 0-1 index), but also detailed diagnostic information. To the expert, this diagnostic information helps to quickly identify bottlenecks in the communication chain. System parameters can then be adjusted specifically and selectively. Complex communication channels can generally be tuned and adjusted in many ways; they offer a range of interdependent controls. Embedded Acoustics has the experience and expertise to find the global performance optimum, regardless of system complexity.


Even better than hand-tuning by an expert is fully automated optimization. Embedded Acoustics offers systems and algorithms for such automated optimization. Invisible and inaudible to the user, the performance of the system is monitored and adjusted. This way, gradual degradation of system components over time (such as loss of sensitivity and changes in frequency transfer) is automatically detected and compensated for.

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