Hearing protection and sound dose monitoring

Simply blocking as much sound from the outside world as you can is just not good enough. The key is always to find the proper balance between competing design criteria: sound attenuation, speech intelligibility, perception of the outside world, comfort,...There is no such thing as a satisfactory generic solution. We are experienced in selecting the optimal combination of devices and solutions offered in the market place - and have also developed solutions of our own, from scratch.


The services of Embedded Acoustics include

  • Design of complete hearing protection solutions

  • Integrating communications with hearing protection

  • Selecting optimal off-the-shelf solutions based on operational requirements

  • Measure and calculate noise dose according to ISO standards

  • Develop procedures and instructions for hearing protector use

  • Setting up industrial hearing conservation programs

  • Measuring sound attenuation and speech transmission quality

  • Integration of hearing protection with other personal protective equipment


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