Hardware and software design

Product development for advanced audio processing requires an in-depth knowledge about (realtime) hardware design and software engineering. There isn't a single development tool or platform that suits every purpose. In our business (which, in its essence, is design of embedded systems for acoustics) it is necessary to have an active and up-to-date knowledge of various platforms and development environments.

These are some of the platforms we use on an (almost) daily basis for our development work: 

  • Digital Signal Processors, such as the Texas Instruments DSP (series C5xxx, C6xxx)
  • FPGAs, such as the Altera Cyclone
  • Microcontrollers, such as the Microchip PIC
  • PC and Tablet operating systems, such as Windows, Windows Embedded, Linux
  • ARM processors (Texas Instruments, Freescale)
The fact that we have worked with all of these platforms towards a variety of audio applications means that we have access to relevant "IP cores" developed in-house. This allows us to turn around design project extremely quickly. Our average lead time from first concept to a tested first prototype is 8 weeks - including the time needed for assembly of state-of-the art prototype PCBs featuring the smallest BGAs.


The fastest way for us to realize cutting-edge electro-acoustic devices for our customers is by customizing one of our own design (including devices we sell under our brand Bedrock Audio). This ranges from private label or OEM versions of our Bedrock devices to completely new designs leveraging modules from our existing products.

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