Caspar Nobbe

Assembly engineer


Sem Mous

Assembly engineer


Jels van Arragon

Assembly engineer


Onno van Wijngaarden

Assistant field engineer

Zebedeus "Zapp" B. Collie

Chief workplace stress reduction officer

 Zebedeus “Zapp” B. Collie was pulled out of the clay in rural area of Geffen. He went to socialisation and basic training at the Wim van Overeem dog school from which he graduated with a score just above average. Within EA, in his role as gatekeeper, he watches over who enters the front door. He works part time as backup scrum master. In his main function he spends hours on rubber ducking and keeping the herd together. Zapps’ mottos are: “Always play a good ball and never skip a vaccine”.

To contact Zapp at Embedded Acoustics, knock on the front door twice or gently bark towards the 2nd floor windows.


Parcel delivery notification official


Beanie came from humble beginnings and suffered a troubled childhood - a fact he rather not speaks about. At this time, he prefers to focus on using his rare talents in the work environment: notifying staff no later than a microsecond after a parcel is delivered (often seconds before the door bell even rings), alerting colleagues to the presence of (possible) food in the building, and cleaning surfaces areas (not limited to the floor) that have been affected by food spills. Through Beanie's motto: "if it's on the floor, it's mine" he reminds his colleague not to put valuable prototypes on the floor, unless these are too big to lift (and eat).

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