Real 3D audio

Essentially, 3D audio offers the experience of a three-dimensional acoustic environment, while sound is produced through headphones or just a single pair of loudspeaker. 3D audio is known through its entertainment applications, and for creating an immersing acoustic environment. It can also be much more than that - if properly done, 3D audio enables accurate localization of (virtual) sound sources. There is a variety of algorithms and commercial systems on the market that enhance the spatial perception of sound, without making sure that the accurate placement of sound sources is taken care of. By contract, the "real" 3D audio systems developed by Embedded Acoustics allow listeners to pinpoint source locations with an accuracy of 15 degrees or better.

3D sound

Listeners respond intuitively the the perceived direction of sound. Spatial separation of audio source, auditory sound beacons, advanced auditory displays - the possibilities are endless. Potential applications of 3D audio include


  • Spatial source separation - multiple audio channels are presented from different directions

  • Speech intelligibility enhancement - improve overall intelligibility by spatially separating different sources

  • Threat warnings - present not only a warning signal, but also inherently indicate the associated direction


Embedded Acoustics has developed groundbreaking 3D audio headset concepts for military, industrial and consumer applications. Contact us for more information.


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